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We pride ourselves on working well as a team and working well with our clients. We are constantly growing our network and aim to provide the best service. 

#1 Hayward Machinery Movers

Lawson Drayage is the number 1 Hayward machinery mover. Lawson Drayage is an industry leader after more than 100 years of excellence. 

With a rich history that started in 1919 with Charlie Lawson, we have established a loyal client base that has trusted us for decades. 

This experience in no way means Lawson Drayage is stuck in the past. We are ever-evolving to serve our clients better and adapt to the needs of the industry. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously and aim to be the best Hayward machinery movers. 

Times have changed, and so have we, with our green initiatives and conscience efforts to improve our impact on the environment. 

Lawson Drayage has come a long way from moving coal and oil in San Fransico more than 100 years ago to moving high-security equipment for the Aerospace and Defence industry. 

We are the oldest and most respected machinery moving and tech-handling company in the Bay Area. 

With the fourth generation of Lawson riggers running the show, we are committed to excellence in moving, rigging, and transportation for any industry. 

Machinery Moving & Rigging Services In Hayward

Since our start in 1919, we have worked countless hours moving machinery and equipment across various industries. Whatever machinery you need to be moved, we have probably handled it or some variation of it. 

And if by some chance we haven’t, it won’t prove a problem. Lawson Drayage has mastered adapting not just to industry changes but also to our client’s unique needs.

Nothing is too much for us to handle. We have the equipment, workforce, and know-how to handle whatever your machinery moving needs are. 

We pride ourselves on working well as a team and working well with our clients. We are constantly growing our network and aim to provide the best service. 

Whether you are new to the Lawson Drayage family or a returning client, we value every second and work our hardest to provide you with the best service. 

Our excellent machinery moving services include:

  • Machinery Rigging, Installation, Relocation
  • Warehouse & Storage
  • Crating & Skidding
  • Heavy Hauling & Transportation
  • Turn-Key Facility Transportation
  • Import & Export

Our teams are certified millwrights, riggers, and drivers with thousands of hours of experience. Every member has the expertise to relocate your machinery and handle installations to keep your downtime to a minimum. 

Lawson Drayage will ensure your machinery gets where it needs to be safely, efficiently, and smoothly. We are dedicated to excellent service that will save you time and money. 

Heavy Machinery Moving Hayward
Best Rigging Company Hayward CA

Best Rigging Company Hayward CA

Whether you need help with a tiny machine or a complete facility relocation, we are the best Hayward machine movers for all your machine moving needs. 

Our experience of over 100 years and across 18 industries, from fine arts to pharmaceuticals to aerospace defense, has made us the best rigging company in Hayward. 

Contact our corporate headquarters at 510-785-5100, where one of our team members will answer any questions you might have about your machinery move with us. 

Or get a free estimate on our website. We know it can be tedious with machine moving. 

Yet, the more information you provide and the more details we have, the better equipped we’ll be to move your equipment and give you a fair and accurate estimate. 

You can trust Lawson Drayage to provide you with quality service backed by professional and experienced teams that will do their best at all times. No matter the size, distance, or difficulty, we will go above and beyond. 

You can trust us, Lawson Drayage, to provide the best moving, rigging, and transportation services for any industry.


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