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We understand the hassle of finding international imports in and around Hayward you can trust. Look no further because you can trust us, Lawson Drayage, with all of your global imports and exports. 

Lawson Drayage has a reputation for excellence that goes back more than a hundred years. We have established ourselves as the best in the business and have a loyal client base that trusts us with all their importing and exporting needs. 

With over a hundred years of history, we have learned that the only way to stay on top is to adapt to the present needs and challenges of the industry. 

We take your needs very seriously and hold ourselves accountable to provide you with the best service. 

Not only do we adapt to your needs but also the needs of the environment. Lawson Drayage makes a conscious effort to provide import and export services that minimize our impact on the environment. 

We are the oldest and most respected machinery moving and tech handling company in the Bay Area. 

At Lawson and drayage, we have come a long way from our coal and oil-moving roots. Since then, we’ve moved everything from high-security aerospace technology to pharmaceuticals. 

Lawson Drayage is committed to excellence in moving, rigging, and transportation for any industry.  

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We started in San Fransico in 1919 and have provided countless hours of rigging, moving, and transportation services to numerous industries. 

Whatever you need help with importing or exporting, chances are we’ve handled it or some variation of it. 

Lawson Drayage has the experience that comes from having generations dedicated to perfecting the craft. 

We have mastered the art of adapting to our client’s needs and industry changes. Whatever your import and export needs are, we’ll handle them. 

We have the experience, equipment, workforce, and know-how to handle whatever your import and export needs are. 

We constantly expand our client base and strive to create a partnership built on trust and satisfaction. 

It doesn’t matter if you have been with us since the beginning or are a new client. We will work our hardest to provide you with the best service. Our clients stay with us for years and with good reason. 

We are certified international import and export professionals, which means you can trust us to do everything by the book while keeping your imports safe. 

Trusting a moving service with your property is a giant leap of faith, but we promise you won’t regret it when you put your confidence in us. 

We have established relationships with ports and logistic companies worldwide built on respect and trust. These relationships allow us to import and export your machinery to and from foreign locations without a hassle. 

We understand how important your cargo is and will ensure it arrives in the same condition as we received it. Lawson Drayage is dedicated to your needs and always strives to provide excellent service.

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Certified International Import & Export Services

Contact our corporate headquarters at 510-785-5100, where one of our team members will answer any questions you might have about our importing and exporting service.  

Or get a free estimate. We know estimates for imports and exports can be tedious. Yet, the more we know about your cargo and your specific needs, the better equipped we’ll be to provide outstanding service. 

Trust Lawson Drayage to provide you with quality certified international import and export services. Our professional teams will do their best no matter the size, distance, or difficulty. 

Lawson Drayage is dedicated to providing the best moving, rigging, and transportation services for any industry.


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