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As a family-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves on offering the best professional services to our existing customers.

Top-Rated Machinery Movers Union City

Moving machinery from one plant to the next has never been easier when hiring Lawson Drayage Machinery Movers in Union City. 

Since the early twentieth century, we’ve been in the business of moving machinery. Over the decades, we’ve earned the status of being the most trusted and reliable equipment movers in Union City. 

As a family-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves on offering the best professional services to our existing customers. We are ready to tackle new industry requirements when moving machinery and equipment.  

Lawson Drayage has proudly earned its reputation of being a top-rated Union City machine rigger. 

We provide a full range of professional machinery services from loading, unloading, assembling, and disassembling machinery. 

You can count on us to move your entire facility from anywhere to new locations across the state or, even further, cross country. Any large machinery that requires specialized care when moving won’t be an issue. 

The list is endless, and the possibilities wide, from moving machinery tools to massive electrical equipment, boilers, crane systems, mechanical punch processes, and medical machinery. 

The expertise of our skilled crew consistently raises the bar and standards of our services. 

Contact us today, and discuss your unique requirements without professionals. Let Lawson Drayage take that burden off your shoulders and move your machinery quickly and efficiently.

Best Union City Machine Riggers

Lawson Drayage is the Number #1 equipment mover in Union City. Our reputation and credibility are due to our consistent usage of the latest technology for modern machinery and equipment moving. 

We offer competitive rates backed up by satisfied customers who keep recommending us in their respective industries as reliable, professional, engaging, and enterprising. 

Don’t take our word for it! Look at our excellent online reviews and see how many happy clients we’ve been helping over the decades. 

Our ongoing success in equipment moving, rigging, hauling, and warehouse service is primarily based on repeat business, customer referrals, and being the best machinery movers in Union City.

Our free consultation services are a definite perk that we offer. Because of our extensive experience, only true professionals are willing to give this service away at no cost to you. 

Tons of planning goes into moving a large business set-up – a free consultation to ensure that every detail is addressed is an absolute bargain. 

Lawson Drayage performs all of its work with exceptional technology that will surpass your expectations.

 We don’t rent our technology but have invested heavily in state-of-the-art forklifts, carry deck cranes, and hydraulic gantries. 

We own all our trucks and have professional crews capable and responsible for ensuring a complete transportation experience. 

All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Best Union City Machine Riggers
#1 Equipment Movers In Union City

#1 Equipment Movers In Union City

As the number #1 equipment movers in Union City, our rigging crews are professionally trained, competent, and ready for action. 

We take care of everything for you from start to finish and leave nothing unturned for your attention and satisfaction. 

Logistics remains a top priority when carrying out our professional services. It’s all about getting your moving done cost-effectively and within a reasonable timeframe. 

Our transport and logistics team constantly works around the clock to meet our customers’ high demands and expectations. 

You can count on us to maintain the highest safety standards when moving your machinery and equipment. 

We’ll be with you every step to get your machinery moved with ease. Your business won’t stagnate during the expected turnaround time.

Partner with the best machinery movers in Union City today. Contact us, and let our professionals do the heavy lifting.


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